Chef Bernie’s food for thought

Tired of buying those expensive pro-biotic pills? Make your own pro-biotics.

There are two ways: either water or milk kefir.
My wife and I prefer the water kefir, it is so easy even she can do it!
Simply google water kefir grains, buy them and have them shipped to your home. While waiting for your grains to arrive, pick up the following items:
2 half gallon canning jars with lids
1 hand-held plastic strainer, or a perforated screw on lid (you can find in the same section of the store)
1 pound bag of brown sugar (Chef Bernie likes organic)
1 gallon of filtered water – room temperature (DO NOT USE TAP WATER)
2 ounces of ginger root

When grains arrive, follow the directions to prepare for making kefir.

Put grains into a 1/2 gallon jar and add 1/2 cup brown sugar. Fill with 32 oz filtered water.
Screw on lid. Note the date (I write the date on a small post-it and adhere to the lid.)
After 48 hours, strain delicious kefir into 2nd 1/2 gallon jar.

Put grains aside (which now look like crystals). Rinse jar with hot water (do not use dish soap, as it may impede the grains from growing). Rinse jar with cool water. Put the grains in the rinsed jar, and begin the cycle again! Your new batch will be ready in 2 days.

Note: We like to add three thin slices of ginger root to our kefir once it is finished.
I drink it chilled, my wife prefers it at room temperature.
Your grains will double in size, so share with friends.

Let me know how your batch turns out. Enjoy!