Winter Farmers Markets

Now that the snow will fly soon, where can I get fresh organic foods?

first start wilh my article published October 9th in the Sheboygan press titled..”Eat Organic In Winter Without Breaking the Bank” Go to .

It will guide you how to navigate trough all the “Fresh” “Natuteral” buzz words and how to really tel whether my foods are organic. Also will let you know which veggies and fruits have little or no pesticides.

Winter farmers markets are springing up everywhere, Milwaukees is at mitchell park running Nov.1st through April 11th. closed the week after thanksgiving and christmas.North of Milwaukee is the Port Washington Winter Market at the First Congregational Church 131 n. webster street. Check there web site for dates starting Nov. 1 on Sats. 9 am til 1.

Out west in Oconomowoc on Sunday’s November thru march at Oconomowon Landscape Supply and Garden Center. N 68 w 37850 county trunk K.

Sheboygan Winter Market is at First Congregational Church “Lucas Hall” 1st and 3rd Saturdays thru May

Fondulac”s Winter market last year moved to the Antique Mall @ 90 so. main Street

Appleton Boasts over 40 members At The Appleton City Center Plaza Saturdays 9-12.30

Good Day, Chef Bernie